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Clogged Drain Cleaning

24/7 Emergency Drain Clearing for Clogged Drains in Norcross, GA

Is a stubborn clog turning your Norcross home into a plumbing nightmare? Don't despair! Chen Plumbing, your friendly neighborhood heroes, are here to banish those blockages and bring back the flow. We tackle any clog, big or small, from greasy kitchen sink monsters to sneaky shower drain saboteurs. Even sewer line behemoths don't stand a chance against our skilled technicians and top-notch equipment.

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for our 24/7 emergency service that ensures you're never left high and dry (or, well, overflowing). We'll be there in a flash, ready to restore normalcy and peace of mind to your home.

Clogged drains are annoying and unsightly, yes, but if they aren't cleared out promptly, they can lead to far more serious issues. This includes:

  • Health Risks: Clogged drains can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, which can cause diseases, allergies, respiratory illness, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, and even serious skin conditions like cellulitis or impetigo.
  • Structural Damage: If not addressed promptly, a clogged drain can cause severe structural damage to your home. This includes water contamination and potential flooding, which can weaken the foundation of your house.

In order to avoid these hazardous complications, choose the best drain cleaning service in Norcross, GA. If you've got an overflow or other emergency, we can help with that too!

Chen Plumbing Technician Clearing A Drain

Plumbing FAQs We Commonly Get

No Matter The Clog, We Have The Right Drain Clearing Tool

We offer a complete range of drain cleaning methods to suit your individual situation. A few factors come into play when deciding on which drain clearing technique is best for your home's plumbing system. This includes the type and location of the stoppage in your plumbing, the type and material of your pipes, and more.

Plumbing Hydro Jetting

  • Benefit: The ultimate weapon for tough, deep-seated clogs and grease buildups in sewer lines and main drains. It blasts away debris with powerful water pressure, leaving your pipes squeaky clean and preventing future buildup.
  • Use: When other methods fail, tree roots have invaded your pipes, or you require preventative cleaning for optimal drainage.

Augers or Snake Cleaners

  • Benefit: The go-to solution for common clogs caused by hair, food scraps, soap scum, and debris in kitchen sinks, bathroom drains, and laundry lines. They reach deep into your pipes to break up and remove blockages efficiently.
  • Use: For everyday clogs, minor blockages, and preventative maintenance.

Drum Machine Drain Clearing

  • Benefit: Ideal for extensive clogs or stubborn tree roots that resist other methods. Powerful vibrations clear blockages without damaging your pipes, making it a good choice for delicate systems.
  • Use: When your main drain or sewer line is clogged, or augers and hydro jetting haven't solved the issue.

Air Burst Cleaners

  • Benefit: A quick and cost-effective solution for minor clogs caused by grease or light debris in sinks and drains. Compressed air dislodges the blockage without harsh chemicals.
  • Use: For quick fixes, preventative maintenance, and light blockages that don't require more intensive methods.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

  • Benefit: A last resort for stubborn clogs that resist other methods, but used cautiously and with expertise to avoid harming your pipes or the environment.
  • Use: Only as a last resort for severe clogs after discussing options with our technicians and understanding the potential risks and benefits.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaners

  • Benefit: An eco-friendly solution for breaking down organic matter like hair and food scraps, preventing clogs and harmful toxins from entering your water system.
  • Use: For regular maintenance, preventing minor clogs, and addressing blockages caused by organic materials.

Mechanical Drain Cleaners:

  • Benefit: Our skilled technicians can employ various manual tools and techniques for specific clogs in unique situations. This ensures a tailored approach that addresses the specific characteristics of your drainage system.
  • Use: For complex clogs, delicate pipes that require a gentler touch, or situations where specialized tools are needed.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection:

  • Benefit: See the problem firsthand! This advanced technology pinpoints the exact location and nature of your clog, leading to faster, more efficient repairs and saving you time and money.
  • Use: When the source of the clog is unknown, you suspect hidden damage, or need a precise diagnosis before repairs.

But before the clog, there's the cause! Let's take a peek at some common culprits and how to prevent them:

Kitchen Sink:

Grease and Oil: Pour grease into a container, not the drain! Invest in a grease trap if necessary.

Food Scraps: Grind small amounts and avoid fibrous foods like banana peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds that don’t break down well and solify with grease, causing clogs. Compost them instead for prevention


Hair: Use a drain screen in your shower and tub, and regularly clean your drains with a baking soda and vinegar solution. Consider a hair-catching shower drain insert.

Soap Scum: Regularly clean your fixtures with a commercial cleaner or natural solution like vinegar. Consider a water softener to reduce hard water mineral deposits.

The Drain Cleaning Experts You Can Rely On in Norcross, GA

When you’re dealing with a stopped-up drain in Norcross, GA, you need to know that the plumbing company you choose will get there quickly, clean the drain thoroughly, and do so without damaging your pipes or leaving a huge mess. That’s why Chen Plumbing is the best choice for Norcross residents. We’re a local family business, so we take pride in offering outstanding service for our clients, who are also our neighbors.

We look forward to serving you in Norcross, GA. Give us a call today at 678-621-6363 to schedule your drain cleaning service.

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